Museums and a Hill: Santiago Day 2

Thursday was my only full day in Santiago and my last day of the trip. I started off with a pretty good hostel breakfast with eggs and fruit. I then headed off to explore the city with the Australian girl I had been hanging with for the last few days.

We stopped by Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral off of Plaza de Armas which was very pretty.

We then went to Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino or the Precolombian Art Museum. It was very well done. There was one section about all of Latin America and one on Chilean Precolombian history. I really enjoyed the museum.

We headed to the Museum of Memory and Human Rights which commemorates the victims of the dictatorship’s violence and educates about the period. All of the signs were only in Spanish, but the videos were subtitled and even without understanding everything the subject was very upsetting. The museum was well done, starting with showing other human rights crises and then following through the period of the dictatorship.

We stopped for lunch at a Chilean restaurant where I got Pastel de Choclo. It was cornbread over a meat mixture and was very good.

We then rode a funicular up San Cristobal Hill. The hill is part of the biggest urban park in Latin America and gives an amazing view of the city.  There is a statue of Virgin Mary on the top. We took a cable car around the rest of the park, enjoying the view. Before we left, the sky finally turned blue which we had been hoping for all day. There is a lot of air pollution in Santiago but it had rained the day before so we were hoping that it would have cleared the air.

We went back to the hostel for a while and at 7 (really 7:40) they had free pisco sours of all sorts of flavors.

For my last dinner, we went to a nice restaurant. We had a good bottle of carmenere, the most famous type of Chilean wine. I had a lamb shank and risotto which was amazing. For dessert, I had cuchuflis, straw like sweets filled with chocolate, dulce de leche, and custard. They were very good. The dinner was a great way to cap off my trip.

I then headed back to the hostel and to pack because I had to wake up early for my flight home.


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